Kerry Field, DPT, CSCS
Physical Therapist
Peak Sports and Spine Physical Therapy in Issaquah
(425) 391-9211

Lori Pitman
Trainer, Motivator, Enthusiastic Runner, and 
a Fun Person to spend a couple miles with


Todd Starnes
Sports Scientist and Coach
Co-owner/ founder of Plateau Runner and Co-owner/Ceo of Bicycle Adventures


                                                                  I have been in the outpatient physical therapy world for nearly a decade, treating                                                      a variety of injuries from head to toe, although by experience and extensive                                                                          education, my clinical love has always been running gait analysis and                                                                                    rehabilitation of the injured runner. 

A firm believer of getting outside for both physical and mental health, I take my role in keeping people moving very seriously, and I absolutely love it. I've seen first hand the effect an injury or illness can hamper the quality of a person's life. The challenge in helping people not only optimize the way they move for better health, but in order to reach their goals, is one of the greatest jobs I can think of.

When I'm not at work, I, myself, love getting outside, whether it's running, hiking, trying for a summit, or playing just about anything with my husband, young daughter, and our mountain dog, Jack!

Why do I run?   Because I can! Because I want to show my little daughter how fun it is to be active. Because I REALLY like eating pizza and tacos, generally with a good beverage. Because sometimes in life, a great run is the best way to sort out your stuff. 

Trails or roads?   TRAILS. I love the fresh air and challenge of a solid trail run. Especially up hills to a killer view. The more mountains, the more mud, the better.

What's the best thing about running?   ANYBODY can do it, anywhere!! Whatever your reason, it's a good one. Working toward a goal you set for yourself is always the best reason.


​                                   Just a girl who likes to run. I have two awesome adult kids. My daughter loves to swim and she                                           competes in Special Olympics. My son also loves swimming, biking, and running.  When I had                                            some nasty hamstring problems I started to get into swimming. And with the help of my son, he                                           coached me through a few triathlons. My daughter in law and I have fun with runs and relays. We                                       even got Ragnar tattoos together! I am excited to encourage my granddaughter to enjoy running                                        and swimming. I enjoy helping people unleash their inner runner!

                                   Why do you run? I run away from old age! Movement helps the joints. My Chiropractor says the                                         phrase of the year is Movement Matters.

                                    If you're running alone what do you think about when running? Am I still breathing? No, just                                        kidding, I think about my short term goals and how my current running is matching those goals.                                            I also think about my different body parts and thank them if they are behaving well. I trade off from  lungs, legs, heart on different runs. If they are not behaving I give a pep talk. Yes, I really do thank my body parts! I avoid thinking about difficulties of life as in the past when I have done this it has a negative impact.
What is your favorite running shoe? Asics Gel Nimbus... looks like I will need a new pair very soon!

Do you have any funny running stories? Oh wow, yes. I was screaming down a trail years ago, a really steep trail, hence the screaming. In my mind I was only thinking, watch your step, careful of that big rock. Look out for that corner, it would hurt to fall off the edge... don’t die. Then I saw a couple of big rocks, I tried to step between, but the very tip of my shoe (1/8 inch) caught the edge of the rock. Hello ground! I badly bruised the bone in my upper ankle, no bones were sticking out, so I dusted off the dirt and sticks and things, continued down the trail. In that last mile I could not look at my ankle, I knew it was bad. When I stopped it was about three times bigger than normal. Well, maybe not that much, but it felt that way. I hobbled to my car with more of a bruised ego. A trail runner told me I was a true trail runner as I did not let it stop me. My doctor said I was nuts for continuing on... oh well.


                                                              ​In his former careers as sports scientist and sports marketer, Todd traveled                                                                          extensively throughout the U.S., South and Central America and Europe. An avid                                                                  cyclist, Todd has a degree in Sports Science from Seattle Pacific University and an                                                          MBA from the University of Washington. He grew up in South Dakota and left as                                                                  soon as possible to pursue college, travel, and his favorite sports: bike racing,                                                                      skiing, running and triathlons. Finding himself a much better trainer than athlete,                                                                  Todd went on to coach bike racing and triathlons at both national and international levels. He continues to volunteer his time coaching at a local high school. Todd is married and has two daughters, but does manage to fit in several Bicycle Adventures tours each year. As the self-proclaimed worst guide in the company, Todd loves getting lost on tours and meeting as many guests as possible, though the two don't always mix.

What are your goals for 2019?  To be able to keep up with Plateau Runner group.

What is the best thing about running? You can do it anywhere and in any weather.

What is your favorite running shoe? HOKA Mach!

                                                            ​I started tagging along with my dad on his Green Lake runs at about age 10 and                                                                   have been at it ever since. He and I went to Hawaii when I was 17 and ran the                                                                      Honolulu Marathon together and 30 years later I found myself doing the same sort o                                                          of events with my kids; it had come full-circle. 

                                                            I was lucky enough to have a coach in college who later went on to be on the                                                                        USA Track & Field coaching staff at the Atlanta Olympics; I learned so much from    him. Later when my kids were in grade school I coached their youth track club and attained my USATF level one coaching certificate. 

I've discovered the axiom 'use it or lose it' has become very real for me. If I am consistent with exercise, the aches and pains that come with inconsistent bouts of exercise are much less apparent.

I've also discovered the mental benefits of exercise keeps me feeling better and less grumpy during stressful periods. Elizabeth has learned to read that and insists I go running when she senses me getting that way ;-)

I get a lot of satisfaction in helping others attain the benefits that I've found from running. 

Why do you run?  Along with what I touched on above, it's the quickest most efficient way to get a workout in. 

If you're running alone, what do you think about when running?  It must be the endorphins that often lead to big planning sessions on many of my runs. Unfortunately when the "runners high" dissipates I often find myself not following through with those great ideas I had on my run; If only I could keep that high!

Roads or Trails?  It depends. I love the trails if I have the time to drive to it. No traffic, tranquility and views. I love the roads too though for the quick and easy access. 

Mark Steen
Running Program Director, Coach,
Shoe guru, Plateau Runner