Current favorite shoe: Brooks Glycerin 15. I love this shoe because of the soft cushion and spacious toe box. 
Favorite place to run: the track, where I can run sprints or longer distances.
Favorite running movie: Forest Gump 

Our team


​Favorite post-run  snack: Cake!
I run because... 
I love the peace it gives me. 
Favorite running quote: 
"If you're losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon." -Kathrine Switzer


Favorite place to run: Soaring Eagle Park with girlfriends and dogs.

Favorite post-run snack: Coconut milk latte
I run because.... 
I'm a multi-tasker. It's the best way to exercise my dog, myself, get out on our beautiful trails and catch up with my girlfriends, all at the same time!

Jo the Shop Dog

Favorite place to run: Anywhere and everywhere. Extra points if it's an off-leash park with water and a tennis ball. 
Favorite post-run snack: 2 scoops Avoderm Senior from Mud Bay or any treats Linda from FedEx brings me. 
Current favorite shoe: An old pair of Brooks Cascadia's I found in the garage tasted pretty good! 


Favorite place to run: North Cascades National Park.

Current favorite shoe: Altra Lone Peak trail shoe.

I run because... It gives me the chance be in nature and explore.


Current favorite shoe: If I'm out pounding the pavement I choose my Asics Kayanos. They have great support for my pronating feet and nice cushioning for my joints. 
I run because… it's how I honor my body and mind. I always feel better when I do. I have never regretted going for a run. 
If I wasn't a runner I would… be more of an avid hiker.    


Best things about running: Running has led to many great friendships, it allows me to eat and drink more than I really should, and I'd really miss the endorphin highs without it.
If I wasn't a runner I would... play more golf, and be more uptight!
What race are you looking forward to? Since turning 50 I've done one ultra-marathon, one Ironman and a couple marathons. I'll be looking for an epic way to ring in the 60s in a couple years. Suggestions are welcome ;)


The best thing about running: The relationships that come from it -- my closest friends are from my high school and college cross country teams. The running community is also one of a kind and is incredibly fun to be a part of. 
Favorite place to run is:On the trails in the Redmond Watershed Preserve. There are so many trails and they are all well maintained which make for great runs!
I run because... it gives me a sense of freedom - when I'm out running, it's like my life is on pause and I don't have to worry about anything. I can just enjoy the scenery and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I'm done.